Sawyer Bullock


MAgician Ordinaire




“A lot of skill” -Shawn Farquhar
3 x World Champion of Magic
“What in the world!” -Lecrae
Grammy Award Winning Artist
“People are still talking about him!”- Dave Sinclair
Vice President Blue Mountain Resort
“Superb” - Dish with Donald
Theatre Critic






Sawyer Bullock is an international, award winning speaker and performer. His unique mixture of wit and trickery has garnered him international awards, glowing accolades, and even his own television show.

  • Las Vegas performances at 16 years old

  • Currently filming the second season of his featre TV show with Rogers Broadcasting
  • Starred in 4 different theatre productions
  • 2016 Canada's Wonderland Feature Magician
  • At 16 he scored 3rd highest in the Close Up and Stage categories of the U21 FISM World Championships of Magic
  • Previous World Vision Canadian Youth Ambassador
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